Alex Argyros-Amerikanos BA (Hons) Fine Art

Alex Argyros-Amerikanos

My current work explores a narrative driven by material and pictorial exploration hinting absence as an element within two dimensional and three-dimensional space. The role of the frame is being questioned through an exploration of materials and processes such as collage and concrete with a reference to the questioning of painting. A questioning which emerged through the invention of the reproducible image only to be carried on as the cyclical quality of history poses the same questions in today’s digital age. A cyclical quality examplified by the reemergence of traditional painting processes.

The emergence of irony is prominant in an attempt to define works of art from everyday objects introducing a poetic element in the form of a minimal aesthetic. The works are simple and carry an ambiguity within meaning as humour is used in a cynical approach creating a distorted narrative between the floor and wall. An attempt to balance space and surface as a result of compositional experimentations. 

Unfortunately the intallational elements cannot be conveyed through this platform as I am looking forward to a physical show.