All Eyes On You | Manchester School of Art Degree Show 2021

Welcome to All Eyes On You, Manchester School of Art’s end of year digital showcase celebrating the work of our Class of 2021.

Our special launch event begins at 6pm on the 17th June with Es Devlin, Yinka Ilori and Miranda Sawyer.

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All Eyes On…

Joe Albin-Clark Graphic Design

Maddie Branagan Illustration with Animation

Oscar Ingham Graphic Design

Sofia Ofori Textiles in Practice

Ellie Clarke Animation

Beth Cooper Fine Art and Art History

Jasmine Ibrahim Interior Design

Ella Bartram Textiles in Practice

Callum Allman Fine Art

Rebecca Dyson Graphic Design

Cynan-Juniper Orton Fine Art

Florence Burns Illustration with Animation

Ella Dooley Illustration with Animation

Matthew X. Kaufman Graphic Design

Simon Ellwood Fine Art

Eilis Dart Illustration with Animation

Hafsa Aziz Fine Art

Emily Ryder Photography

Annabelle Roberts Fine Art

Jasmine Su Juanyan Gardner Fine Art and Art History

Eve Gallagher Fine Art

Georgia Megan Smith Filmmaking

Eden Atherton-Kelly Photography

Kathryn Baker Interior Design

Joe Pilkington Filmmaking

Lily Brown Graphic Design

Caitlin Berry Fine Art and Curating

Oliver Lisle Pulbrook Three Dimensional Design

Cara Blackburne-Brace Illustration with Animation

Maria Jackson Fine Art and Art History

Annabel Clegg Textiles in Practice

Saoirse Campbell-Mcalinden Fine Art

Esme Chapman Illustration with Animation

Megan Evans Fine Art

Tia Maria Taylor Berry Fine Art

Finlay Gaspar Illustration with Animation

Liam Thomas Photography

Rachel Elizabeth Ward Illustration with Animation

Ruth Gorner Interior Design

Georgia Newman Filmmaking

Emily Vosper Interior Design

Lily Kroese Illustration with Animation

Daniel Eckhoff Interior Design

Poppy Jervis Textiles in Practice

Yasmeen Kinley-Siddiq Three Dimensional Design

Alfred Mumby Cook Illustration with Animation

Emily Bagshaw Textiles in Practice

Zane Crowther Filmmaking

Isabella Fielding Photography

Luke O'Reilly Fine Art

Maddison Crankshaw Textiles in Practice

Daniel Hope Photography

Sarah Anthony Illustration with Animation

Lauren Mccaughey Filmmaking

James Dewhirst Photography

Holly Marsden Photography

Phaedra Dickson Textiles in Practice

Sophie Thompson Graphic Design

Amelia Tillott Textiles in Practice

Jamie Mehta Illustration with Animation

Melissa Pritchard Fine Art

Jessica Herbert-Smith Three Dimensional Design

Poppy/Carpenter Lockwood Illustration with Animation

Bethany Reilly Textiles in Practice

Emily Wright Textiles in Practice

Ellie Rankin Photography

Mateusz Barszcz Fine Art

Connor Ratcliffe Filmmaking

Marianne Faran Textiles in Practice

Megan Sparkes Fine Art

Hannah Bartram Photography

Lucy Morris Illustration with Animation

Emily Mcmanus Three Dimensional Design

Leon Patrick Photography

India Parsons Fine Art and Curating

Louise Stirrup Art History and Curating

Joshua Jennings Interior Design

Amber Swinburne Fine Art

Ella Rudden-Power Fine Art

About the End of Year Show

Despite the unprecedented circumstances, our graduating students have produced some remarkable pieces which you can explore throughout this site. Please take some time to enjoy this huge range of work.

Once it’s safe to do so, the School of Art will be hosting a series of physical shows for you to appreciate the work in person. For now, please enjoy our digital galleries and the fantastic achievements of our Class of 2021.

Each year, a different Manchester School of Art alumni is invited to design the visual identity for that year’s show. Our 2021 branding has been created by design studio Rice and Gold, made up of 2008 Design and Art Direction (now BA (Hons) Graphic Design) graduates Jonny Wan and Muiz Anwar, who have over 20 years of combined industry experience working with clients including Apple, British Airways, Nike, The Guardian and more.

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About Manchester School of Art

Manchester School of Art at Manchester Metropolitan University began life as a design school in 1838 – one whose aim was to support the textiles trade for which Victorian Manchester had become famous and where ideas, innovation and industry were inextricably linked.

Design may have been the School’s initial focus, but its remit soon expanded far beyond design – and it adopted the ethos of “many arts, many skills”. Almost 180 years later, that original idea holds true, the School of Art has grown into one of the largest art schools in the UK. We are also home to Manchester School of Architecture, rated as one of the world’s top ten (QS World Rankings 2019), and Manchester School of Theatre.

The School offers an extensive range of original and modern spaces and in 2013 the Benzie Building was opened, providing state of the art workshops, hybrid studio spaces and gallery spaces to support students studying subjects as diverse as fine art, animation, fashion, film, textiles and photography.

The School of Art is part of the Faculty of Arts & Humanities at Manchester Metropolitan University, which is also home to Manchester Fashion Institute and in 2021, the School of Digital Arts.

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