Cicely Peers BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design

Cicely Peers

Cicely Peers’ practice negotiates the boundaries between the handmade and mass produced, combining modern technologies with the more traditional ceramic techniques of slip casting. She designs complex multiple part moulds for slipcast produced from 3D printed objects. Chosen for its transparency, the self glazing white Parian clay she uses draws the viewers’ attention to the detail on the surfaces as well as to the residual evidence of the mould making construction method.

The St Davids Collection:  Cicely has long had an interest in architectural materials and detailing. The source of inspiration for her St Davids Collection came from the joyous medieval encaustic floor tiles in St Davids Cathedral, Wales.

Each piece is a one-off, the innovative method of mould assembly allowing for almost infinite options in design form. Echoing the honesty of Arts and Crafts furniture construction (another source of inspiration), the pieces of The St Davids Collection have deliberately exposed joints, providing the viewer with ample evidence of (and the opportunity to appreciate) the materiality and processes involved in their construction.

Beyond this collection, Cicely’s creative output reflects her joy in experimenting with kiln building, wood firing, throwing and other ceramic processes which she has explored during the Covid-19 lockdowns - She hopes her works reflect a positive approach to problem solving and the overcoming of challenges!