Daisy Tetlow-Wilton BA (Hons) Fine Art

Daisy Tetlow-Wilton

I create videos that express forms of Hindu Spirituality by using visuals from western culture. One of the aims of the work is to encourage practices such as manifestation and the law of attraction which originate from Hinduism.

The moving images I create encourage the viewer to perceive the universe and ourselves as one living being or as one state of energy rather than fragmented beings. This is done by reenacting the mind through meditation. The clips feature a mixture of second hand and firsthand footage which elicit a sense of nostalgia.I use shared footage to create a shared experience.

Within these videos, I provoke an experience of the mind going through a meditative state which includes intrusive thoughts provoked by anxiety. I use a lot of scenes from nature as this immediately affixes the mind to the connectivity we hold with the planet. This is also communicated by using visuals of aquatic scenery which draw the mind to feel blissful and liberated. To further enhance the experience, audio is used to guide the viewer through a meditation, but just like the imagery, the audio unpredictably diverts the attention to thoughts of fear and confusion by using an overwhelming sound of ringing in your ears which disrupts any peace you may have found in the meditation. The combination of the disrupting audio and scenes of terror and fear induces anxiety in the viewer.

As I invite an audience into my mind to view an intimate reproduction of a mental stimulation of moving images, I wish for the emotions I experience to be mirrored in the brain of the viewer. This replication of emotion is sure to be dually calming and chaotic as your thoughts will run through a genuine process of feeling enlightened and then abruptly enclosed.