Ella Fradgley BA (Hons) Fine Art

Ella Fradgley

My practice is a repetitive mark making process formed of a coping mechanism I have had since I was a child. Drawing, for me, functions as a stalling, a processing, as well as a recording of myself and my internal state. Have you ever returned to a place where you used to live and felt as though you might bump into previous versions of yourself; selves and times that you’ve moved past so that you no longer have ownership of them anymore, they exist within their own times, within their own parameters? That is what my pieces are to me, past selves captured in marks.

My concept of past selves is rooted in my experience of trauma and how, when returning to spaces in which the trauma occurred, you can experience a kind of circular time in which you feel as if you are overlapping with previous versions of yourself. Due to this I am always very aware of time, how we perceive it linearly but how, in a way, we are always existing alongside these past versions of ourselves; this palimpsest nature of time is echoed in the layering within my drawing practice.

The 3mb cap on photos means the details of my work are unviewable on this site. Where MMU has failed to provide an adequate degree show for its students (physical or online), the 2021 graduates have collectivised, endeavouring to innovate, create and support each other in a series of student led events to be announced soon.