Ellie Mortell BA (Hons) Photography

Ellie Mortell

My photographic work focuses on the human condition, memory and nostalgia.I prodominantly shoot scocial docuemntary, aimimg to document people, place and time.

Beyond Belief is an ongoing project focusing on ideas of hope, faith and religion. This project explores how as humans, we find things to hold onto and to have faith in. When life is constantly moving around us, we must find something to centre ourselves. For many this is religion, however we manage to find certainty in all kinds of things. We find hope and joy in the little things, in believing, in having faith or looking at something we find to be beautiful. In the midst of pandemic, an unprecedented global event, capturing hope has been a challenge but has also helped to ground myself; I look daily for rays of hope amongst the chaos.

This is a photographic exploration and documentation of the people, places and landscapes I have encountered whilst exploring belief. I seek personal connection with those I photograph, to learn about who they are and what they believe in. When in conversation with individuals, I aim to be open and in return I gain an intimate glimpse of their interior. To capture the story of hope and faith, the things that keeps us going.