Ellie Shepherdson BA (Hons) Fine Art and Curating

Ellie Shepherdson

Our natural world is suffering, from local spaces to rainforests we are not giving enough to our environment; despite how Nature benefits our mental and physical health. Bringing together student and internationally established artists, Nature and Us exhibition explores the complexities of our relationship with the environment; particularly highlighting the way in which we are connected with nature, rather than the assumption that we are divorced from it. The multidisciplinary artworks shown explore mental, physical and theoretical relationships with nature in this critical moment prior to the COP26 conference later this year in Glasgow.

Despite façade’s the UK is the most nature depleted country in the world and the technological advances of the century have only pushed us further away from the realities of our local environments.

We need to do more.

This exhibition raises conversations around what we can do despite the permanent and temporary damage already made to the planet through the visual vehicle of contemporary art. Often it’s hard to know what will make a real difference due to conflicting and false news on the internet, therefore, we have provided linked talks, workshops and articles that show current research through videos and podcasts to help everything from rainforests to your local area; everything has an impact. 

To engage further with the featuring artists and their work listen to their podcasts on The Nature and Us Exhibition Anchor Podcast which is availble on 5 listening platforms including Spotify! Link here - https://anchor.fm/ellie-shepherdson

Featuring artists;

Kai Edwards - @kaiedwardsart (Instagram)

Hasan Zarroug - @hpeghasan (Instagram)

Ellie Shepherdson - @elliesheppy (Instagram)

Eleanor Marshall - @eleanormarshallart (Instagram)

Anna Clough - @anna.clough_ (Instagram)

Rebecca Louise Law - @rebeccalouiselaw (Instagram) 

Roxy Paine - @roxypaine (Instagram)