Faye Alsultan BA (Hons) Interior Design

Faye Alsultan

My personal design perspective relates to the mindset of the customer or client and how the environment can have a positive impact to their mental health. My research indicates that adults have a rocky relationship with their mental health because many believe that all life has to offer is work and no play. Play has been proven by many psychological professionals to be a vital importance in a person’s life. However, the activity of ‘playing’ has been downgraded by society to ridicule any adult figure who indulges in childlike wonder by identifying them as immature.

Project OHKO is a restaurant, board game store, and playground that encourages adults and children to play the same game at the same time in a socially discreet manner. The main attributes of space are the Board Game Library, Challenge Area, Restaurant and Board Game Store.

The Board Game Library is located on the First Floor for those who wish to play a quiet game.  The restaurant is also located throughout the First Floor. It includes a dry bar during the day and allows access to adult drinks and games at night to age-appropriate customers.

On the ground Floor is the Challenge Area for these who want a much more active game. The challenges are designed to be similar to a miniature golf course with an ‘Escape Room’. Each section is designed to feel like a different land to challenge the players physically and mentally. There is also a Board Game Store near the entrance/exit, so players can buy a game before heading out.

Course Award Highly Commended