Freya Young BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design

Freya Young

Freya Young is a designer, who hopes to influence and change people’s perception of waste through her ideas and work. Freya sees waste as an opportunity to transform 'rubbish' into functional pieces.  We urgently need to change how we live our lives in what has become a throwaway society. Freya realises the importance of her role as a designer and the need to make a positive change for tomorrow's world. Her work is about raising awareness and educating others about the importance of protecting our planet and trying to reduce waste as much as possible. She does this by demonstrating how recycling can be so useful and does not see waste as an end; rather the start of many possibilities, and hopes to inspire others to think in the same way. We have so many resources that get discarded already in our daily lives, without the constant barrage of excess products in the consumer market. Freya’s aim is to utilise the materials and resources which we already have in our day-to-day lives. Whilst there is an exhaustive list of possibilities, the first issue that Freya undertook within her design project was the current excessive use of plastic bags and the lack of recycling of these plastic bags. She saw this as an opportunity to respond to this and endeavours to follow these principles to exemplify how something as simple as plastic bags, which are discarded without any consideration or thought, can be transformed into something functional and useful. This was her object when she started the project “Not a Bag for Life”.