George Gregory BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design

The objects I make as part of ‘Mapping Emotions’ aren’t just that, they’re an experience. A snapshot of a journey made physical, to serve as a reminder, taking you back to that place and making you feel as you did during that time. The goal… to improve overall mental wellbeing by encouraging others to walk and explore. 

The app Strava is typically used to track exercise, giving the user a map showing the route they have taken along with other data such as time, distance and elevation. I use the features of this app to track walks. With the data from Strava and the CAD software Rhino 7 I can create a 3D object dictated by the information that has been gathered. The narrative of these journeys is communicated through the detailing on the object itself. The sandblasted surface depicts the location of where the walk took place as well as the LED lights around the perimeter representing the different emotions and experiences encountered along the journey.

Through the mapping process that I have developed using the app Strava, my objects are unique and individual, each with a personal connection to the individual it has been made for.