Geraint Thomas BA (Hons) Animation

Geraint Thomas

Hi, I'm Geraint, an enthusiastic and versatile animation graduate.

After spending three years studying at MMU, I've come to develop a passion for the creative processes involved in animation production - my specialism having been in 2D. I see myself as a well organized individual, with a broad creative mindset and a thorough understanding of the general animation production procedures.

I enjoy various aspects of production, such as: story conceptualization, idea generation, writing, concept designing, and more. I am particularly good with English, written and spoken, and look forward to the prospect of using these skills to articulate new ideas and stories.

My practice over the past three years has been varied and I have worked on student projects as a 2D animator, environment artist, script writer, concept artist, art director, post-production and various other jobs. I am eager to progress further into the industry and offer my range of skillsets to aid the process of creation.