Hannah Sullivan BA (Hons) Fine Art

Hannah Sullivan

Hannah Sullivan’s work is an exploration into the inherent connection between painting and the human experience. Her process-based paintings simulate form, tonality, and proportion from the body, producing large scale works that exude human essence. Her process is performative and laborious; in partnership with gravity her whole body becomes a device that guides poured solutions of thinned paint over the surface. The organically occurring forms that emerge as a result of her actions, dictate the works next stages: perennially storing the essence of her movements. The forms become interconnected and co-dependent, pressure is built between them and births new infinite, bodily masses. Sullivan’s work plays on the viewers primitive instinct to perceive, and to recognise. Cementing her gestures with a natural, bodily pallet through a vertical format further references the bodies fundamentals that are the central to her practice. 

There is more to come from the Manchester School of Art 2021 graduates than this website in which we have fought against, and had no say in. Please follow our work for updates of physical, independent shows around Manchester set up by students in response to being denied our degree show.