Hannah Warren BA (Hons) Interior Design

Hannah Warren

My design ethos is particularly focused around the user journey. I am interested in analysing how elements of interior design make the user feel or behave in a certain way and how this can be harnessed to increase the success of the space. My design process starts with the breaking down of a user’s journey, the touch points and thresholds, looking closely at the schedule of accommodation and the arrangement of these, then a focus on what each space aims to achieve.

Confessions, Ancoats, Manchester

‘Confessions’ takes two very juxtaposing ideas and makes then work together in one space. Inspired by the long history of St Peter’s Church as a spiritual pillar of the community, ‘Confessions’ is a modern spiritual space, within a bar setting. The bar function allows the project to fund itself, and is in keeping with the popularity of the surrounding venues. The Day/Night occupations work seamlessly with contrasting journeys through the space:  the confessions are at the beginning of the journey during the day, but at the end during the night. The journey harnesses the power of words to help heal both past and present problems using confession and mindfulness across 5 levels within a dramatic design intervention.

Knotts, Whitworth Street West, Manchester

Tackling the growing mental health concerns within inner city offices, ‘Knotts’ is a bar concept that looks at building office relationships within a safe environment.  The labyrinth concept is utilized to create a sense of security and privacy. This unique cocktail experience is conveniently located next to Oxford Road train station to ease the after-work commute, as well as being ideal for tourists and visitors. The buzz and atmosphere are exploited within the existing arch to create an indoor/outdoor dining feel.