Harri Smith BA (Hons) Photography

Harri Smith

Harri Smith is a multi-disciplinary artist working within conceptual and analogue photography methods. Her work is primarily concerned with considering and questioning what photographic practice means today through addressing ideas of identity and place.

Her audio/odour/visual installation; ‘Lacuna Kalopsia // The Anticipation of Forgetting’, explores human relationship with nostalgic memory, looking at photographic practice with the understanding that photography is ‘the anticipation to forget’. Taking inspiration from Walter Benjamin’s ‘aura’, she investigates the effect of multi-sensory stimulation to evoke the recollection of memories. Exploring these concepts through a collaboration of visual, olfactory and audio components within immersive space that aims to evoke contemplation, reflection and emotion. As these elements flow around one another on different time loops, the space is ever changing, much like the human nature of remembrance.

The contextual vehicle she uses to convey these ideas and concepts, refers to a personal lived experience of her time staying in Edinburgh during the first Covid-19 Lockdown of 2020. Using GAN imaging to interfere with our visual perception of photographic material, she uses a combination of images taken directly from this time alongside new images created to mimic it. Doing so in a way that mirrors how our memories become touched and fogged by the external force of experiences we are continually exposed to in the passing of time. Questioning the truth within photography and its ability to assist us in recalling memories, the work utilises a variety of sensory components to reflect the nature of human remembering and our innate anticipation of forgetting. 

As well as working within a fine art realm, she pushes these immersive practices in working creatively within the music industry. Taking both hands on and creative direction roles, she works collaboratively with artists on visuals, music videos and photography.

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