India Parsons BA (Hons) Fine Art and Curating

The title of my exhibition Isolation is a response to what I wanted my exhibition to be in exploring the challenging circumstances. When thinking about what’s an interesting topic I settled on the idea of COVID-19 as it is an ongoing issue that many people can relate to. My initial idea with it was to create an exhibition based around the idea of when we can see our loved one safely again, as it is an idea that people might be interested in seeing.

Over a year has gone by and many of us around the world are still isolating due to COVID-19 as it is still a threat to our health and wellbeing. With isolation being many peoples only option to safe during these times, it causes a lot of difficult changes to our day-to-day life, leaving many struggling both mentally and physically. 

Many artists around the world have had to change and rethink projects and art pieces due to isolation. Whether it's a space issue, material supplies, lack of equipment or lack of motivation, many artists have had to adapt and change their way of working. In this exhibition we present artists who have continued creating during isolation.