James Alex Cowan BA (Hons) Photography

James Alex Cowan

SEE YOU ON THE RIVER follows the course of the River Mersey, documenting its route from Greater Manchester, through Chesire and to the rivers mouth in Liverpool.

James Alex Cowan has created images of the river and the landscapes along its route, using the River as a basis to visually explore his feelings towards the spaces it travels through. 

The Mersey is synonymous with Liverpool, which is where the photographer was born, grew up and continues to call his home. Having moved away from the city, spending time living in Chesire and Manchester to study, the river now acts as his own sentimental passageway home, having found living in these other regions challenging and isolating. The course of the river thus resembles the journey of the photographer, in reverse. He uses the photographic process as a means of articulating the displacement felt outside of his native city, visually following the river back home.