Jasmine Ibrahim BA (Hons) Interior Design

Jasmine Ibrahim

I am inspired by nature and everything that surrounds us. I approach new designs by trying to create solutions to everyday life issues. The following projects aim to use Interior Design to help tackle food waste and material sustainability and help raise awareness around these issues. I am an ambitious learner, I enjoy hand sketching and model-making as well as using digital software to communicate my concepts, process, and final design schemes.

‘La Dolce Vita’ was initially driven by my passion for making patisseries. Alongside this, research shows that food waste is one of the main causes of greenhouse gases and it is leading to many disasters and climate change. Many people cannot afford to purchase healthy food, so they seek help from food banks, where they mostly get canned and non-fresh food. 

‘La Dolce Vita’ reunites the vulnerable and wealthy with a delightful patisserie for a better and more cheerful community. Located in 110 Oldham Road in Ancoats, Manchester, it is a space that offers many activities to help raise awareness about food waste. This includes a patisserie course that will teach people how to make delicious deserts with food that is about to be wasted, with fun activities using the 5 senses; a journey which starts from the screen display area to the reduced prices food shop to promote the course, and a patisserie cafe that offers job opportunities for people who are homeless. The patisserie course will also provide qualifications to help them get more job opportunities. 

‘La Dolce Vita’ is a carbon-zero initiative concept that focuses on using recyclable materials as well. 

‘La Dolce Patisserie’, situated in the Mark Addy building on the river Irwell, is inspired by ‘La Dolce Vita’. It focuses on the zero-food waste initiative, with a café to suit the location. Therefore, the design is developed more in details taking into consideration the space and the needs of the end-users.