Jedd Macrae BA (Hons) Animation

Jedd Macrae

A young passion for art and creating comic books branched out into the form of 2D animation around the age of 16, during my A-Levels. It felt amazing to see my art come to life with movement. I became particularly fond of animating characters and began my bachelor’s degree in Animation with the incentive to develop this craft. Along the way, I enjoyed creating work in a variety of artistic mediums and took on team roles such as .. director, storyboard/animatic artist, film editor, and sound designer. I feel happy with all that I've developed in my practice; and I took a real shine to sound work. I knew by the final year of my degree that I wanted to progress in university with a master's degree in Sound Design - recently winning a Royal Television Society award for my sound work on our 2nd year film ('First Man') was not only an encouragement, but a boost of confidence.

I like to keep busy with odd jobs through my freelance business, ‘HOGG Animation & Illustration’. This is something I would really like to build on after gaining years of experience working in the industry, perhaps seeking funding for a series pitch or short film – there are many ideas that I would love to bring into the world of animation.

*Currently I'm doing my MA Sound Design based in Manchester - I should complete this in August 2021. I feel excited about the idea of emerging into the animation industry to do what I love!

Thanks for reading :)