Kaitlen Hogan BA (Hons) Photography

my work is never linear. it's often an exploration of my emotions and how they interact with the space around me, and how i in turn, represent this through my work. i’m incredibly reserved as a person, and often struggle to express my emotions through words, so my practice allows me to do so in a way that’s not only comforting, but also deeply expressive and truthful. although i'm often favoured in using 35mm, i'm still exploring a range of ways to use different practices through my projects, and i'm excited to see how my work responds further after my time at university.

i’m also beginning to delve into my practice as a motorsport photographer, as it’s a love that was born through 2020’s lockdown, and i’m hopeful that 2021 will bring me more opportunities to really plunge myself into the community.

thank you for your continued support. my instagram is always being updated.