Katie Backhouse BA (Hons) Interior Design

Katie Backhouse

It is common knowledge that climate change is the greatest crisis we face in our time on this Planet. 2020 has been characterised as the year that defined this emergency. A global lockdown urged the population to stay home. We adapted faster than we could have ever imagined and broke from some of our old habits in a linear system. The current pandemic crisis has forced many of us to reassess what is important, spurring a collective reckoning with our values, lifestyles and goals. The growing need for local, sustainable and health-based living is becoming apparent. This shift in human perspective is providing an opportunity for growth.

Industrialisation marks the beginning of our linear system, adopting a take-make-dispose ethos. We are currently in a new revolution, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is adopting a cradle-to-cradle approach, with the help of intelligent technology.  

Agriculture contributes approximately 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. The two projects look at localising our food system in the shape of urban and vertical farms. Growing crops on site increases the life span of produce and minimises our carbon trail. Hydroponics, the growing of crops without soil, does not require chemicals or pesticides, whilst using much less water than traditional methods. Climate can also be controlled with high-efficiency LED lighting, producing higher yields whilst using renewable energy.  

Urban farms can be a solution in reducing the exploitation of finite resources. More in tune with industry 4.0, using traditional methods with advances in smart technology. Giving way to a Circular Economy.

  Course Award Highly Commended