Michael Parry-Thomas BA (Hons) Fine Art

Michael Parry-Thomas

My practice starts with an interest with the cities we live in, exploring the forces in place to sustain these huge sprawling cities. Giant supply chains almost too complex to fully comprehend like veins leading to the heart feeding the shops cafes and houses that make up everyday life. Within my work contains the building blocks for these processes, cement, concreate, oil, cardboard crucial to support the supply networks of the world. I explore how these materials can be used and interact when stripped of there original purpose and placed into new context so far removed from their home.

I allow my work to flow and evolve over time while still drawing elements from older movements of the 1910s to 30s mostly Suprematism and Constructivism while asking what their work means in a world today so wrapped up in consumerism globalism of the 21ths century. Being inspired by the world around also leads me to have a more architectural element to the work. Aware of how my practic becomes more sculptural when build up overtime on canvas, I almost think of them as thin sculptures.

MAFA Award Winner