Michele Alesi BA (Hons) Art History and Curating

Michele Alesi

Formally an Art History and Curating student, my main interests expand from the field of art into cultural and artistic practices that promote both environmentally sustainable and inclusive behaviours. With my work I hope to introduce the artistic practice as a tool for change to those individuals that feel excluded from the enclosed environment that often surrounds established institutions. Through volunteering in different art galleries and cultural events I was able to expand my understanding of not only the community around me, but also to those that I wouldn't have been in contact with otherwise. My knowledge with languages provided me with a set of symbols towards a more rounded understanding of our layered contemporary setting. I truly believe there is a strong connection between the art we have access to and our life conditions. Through my work, I hope to further explore these connections in order to make change.

My curatorial Generation Y showcasing is the result of two years of research in which I tried to determine the role art and art history had in the environmental crisis. The digital component, that ended up having a major role in the creation of this project, derived from the reading of authors such as Benjamin H. Bratton and McKenzie Wark which research demonstrates the direct relationship between the natural environment and the digital. The works selected are a perfect example of how a balanced implementation of the two could result in effective solutions that can actively affect both natural and virtual environments. 

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