Molly Goulding BA (Hons) Fine Art and Art History

Molly Goulding

I intend to produce paintings that border on the uncanny by wavering between familiar and surreal natural forms. The ambiguity of the forms creates a tension that keeps the image in a limbo state between the two as I look to disturb and redefine landscape painting. I aim to induce a feeling of being lost within a landscape in the sense you are apprehensively aware of your disorientation in a vast open space yet at the same time unable to see far in front and therefore feel concurrently closed in. Representing the insecurity and instability of a shrunken world.  Growing in and amongst the wildlife the adaptability of my paintings mirrors the fluctuating nature of organic forms yet hues of blue and purple allow them to hinge on the surreal as it is a colour scarcely found amongst woodland-it signals a warning for danger and poisonous food, so its intentions are to push you away. I find this contradiction mobilises the unsettling force of entangling structures, and the tension between the real and surreal.

~ There is more yet to come from Manchester School of Art Class of 2021 - we are working on independent shows around Manchester set up by students who have collectivised in the effort to support each other and create spaces to display work outside of the online realm- watch this space! ~