Oliwia Serwilska BA (Hons) Interior Design

I am driven to design spaces, to improve people's surroundings and environment, which goes beyond decoration and furniture. I aim to improve existing spaces, making them better suited to their intended use, and to transform everyday places and objects into individual and unique designs. 

Clefs & Strings is a music shop that offers customers the opportunity to explore music, and instruments in unique way that won’t be found anywhere else. Music shops have been described by the public as crowded and disorganised; Clefs & Strings aims to change that with an unusual customer journey and experience. 

Alongside the retail elements, there are Instrument Repair Workshops available on the Ground Floor for customers to bring any damaged instrument, so a professional employee can take care of it for them. On the First Floor there are Practise Rooms for customers to use whenever they would like to try an instrument or get a feel for it before they buy.

Situated in the centre of Ancoats, Clefs & Strings builds a community as well as bringing a retail experience to the area. 

Guitar Pop Up is a spin-off from Clefs & Strings. It is part of the Hatch retail community, close to the university campuses. The store focuses on electric and acoustic guitars. Guitar Pop Up is a space that helps to launch new guitar collections as well as hosting events to showcase new products and bring the music community together.  

The interior is inspired by the guitar body and sound hole, with a curved floor and circular display plinths. The goal for both projects is to create spaces in which the customer will experience a unique journey.