Rhianwen Williams BA (Hons) Fine Art and Art History

Rhianwen Williams

My practice currently revolves around my experiences with grief and loss. I'm particularly interested and inspired by the spaces surrounding these experiences and how the memory can alter them as time passes. My work is informed by the ephemerality of these spaces, as well as the non-linearity of grief as an experience. Through a combination of abstract painting and automatic writing, I have created my own visual language to communicate these spaces and memories into tangible forms on paper and canvas, made using watercolour, spray paint and text. The process of my practice is very intuitive; it has become a cathartic tool to deal with the frustrating intangibility of losing a loved one, and the ephemerality of the spaces that surround these experiences. Through my practice, I've found a way of processing difficult experiences and memories and to visually translate them into something bright and hopeful. I invite you as the viewer to immerse yourself in these works, and to take some time to reflect on your own experiences.