Stella Gere BA (Hons) Photography

For my photography practice I explore the notion of identity through the lens.I am drawn to the idea of a metaphorical mask worn know as someone’s character.I am interested in the concept that everyday is a performance, especially when it comes to performing a gender. Even though I am a women I feel this pressure to perform as a women by wearing make up or certain clothes to signify attractiveness or femininity. For my photographs I use my friends as my muses, I played around with the domestic setting and props. The fantasy I am trying to create is the ideological representation of women. I also use the city scape around me to create cinematic photographs that translate my conceptional vision of the world into an image.

For my final mager project I explored the feeling of nostilgia and regret. I called the projec the Cold Light Of Day.When you think something in the Cold Light Of Day, you think about it clearly and calmly, without the emotions you had at the time it happened, and you often feel sorry or ashamed about it. The title ,The Cold light of Day, was inspired by a red deflated balloon found floating around the streets of Manchester, it represented how the excitement of the night can look so different in the day. This work explores the cascades of emotions felt by the artist from nostalgia of time that feels lost to exhilaration once experienced, to overwhelming feelings of regret as a result of living in the moment and not considering the consequences of tomorrow.