Yasmeen Kinley-Siddiq BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design

Yasmeen Kinley-Siddiq

As a designer-maker specialising in slip casting, my practice takes joy as a starting point. I see joy as those small moments that evoke a positive reaction throughout the day. From a maker’s point of view, ceramics bring me joy because of the slip casting process and being able to recreate an object intended for everyday use. I bring joy to the users of my objects by considering them throughout my whole design process from primary research to the final product which makes my objects want to be used in an everyday setting. I focus on functional ceramics that will be used in homes, restaurants or cafes and apply form, colour, tactility and pattern design in my objects. 

Joyware is an everyday breakfast range that is intended to bring joy in a morning through form, function, colour, tactility and pattern design. The breakfast range consists of a mug, two bowl sizes and two plate sizes. I gathered research on colour, morning routines and joy, as well as common everyday breakfasts and the domestic ceramics that accompanied this through surveys. Using porcelain slip allows me to achieve bright, warm yellows. My tactility designs have an element of play through the designs when the objects are stacked onto each other. Whilst interacting with the unglazed exterior of Joyware, the user experiences a smooth, tactile experience. Joyware is perfect for those everyday breakfasts whether its alone or with family and friends.