Zhong-Cheng (Kingsley) Lai BA (Hons) Interior Design

Zhong-Cheng (Kingsley) Lai

As a graduate designer in an age where society is becoming more disconnected, I am passionate about, and committed to, using my design skills to develop design solutions that help individuals and highlight the importance of social interaction. These factors are a vital component when designing interior space, and are the main focus of ‘CORE’. I am keen to continuously improve my skills by working in an environment where I can fully utilise my creativity.

’CORE’ aims to help synergise and connect, while offering an escapism location for, young people and the community around Ancoats in Manchester. The space has encompassed various elements of street culture from skateboarding, street art, street dance and music all within one location.

The concepts of ‘CORE’ features spaces for various activities, such as an underground art gallery for street art artists to showcase artwork; a built-in concrete skatepark; a retail area for the public to visit and purchase apparel, and dance and music studios on the First Floor.  Spaces are open to all but caters specifically to young people. ‘CORE’ in Ancoats hopes to encourage young people and the public to build new connections with others while providing a location where enhancing social interaction between individuals is possible.

‘CORE’ Pop-up continues the ideas of enhancing social interaction. It is a ‘stop and go’ pop-up retail and cafe space situated in Hatch on Oxford Road, Manchester. The container unit features a kiosk coffee bar and retail display system inspired by a skate ramp trail. ‘CORE' Pop-up celebrates the brand identity of and helps advertise ‘CORE’ in Ancoats.