Alexander Walker BA (Hons) Interior Design

Alexander Walker

As an emerging designer, my design principles are influenced by my strong interest in art, product design and sociology. When developing a concept, I focus on creating spaces which place inclusivity, sustainability, and brand identity at the forefront. These principles formed the building blocks for both The Brickhouse Bakery and Brewery concept.

The Brickhouse Bakery, realised in a 1950’s factory warehouse in Ancoats, Manchester, is a space where the historic and the contemporary are fused together harmoniously. Taking inspiration from the Industrial Revolution, immigration and the flour trade that historically occurred in Ancoats, the bakery presents a narrative to customers, allowing them to experience bread production in a tactile and immersive environment. This opens the discussion to what unites us individually. Despite politically dividing times, we celebrate our diversity through the things that unite us… bread. Regardless of wealth, race and religion, bread-based goods form a crucial part of our staple diet. Baked goods signify more than just flour, water, and salt, they are at the heart and stomach of bringing people together. Designed as a cultural hub, The Brickhouse Bakery reflects Manchester’s diverse population through its culinary focus.

Through development I identified the issue of food waste. As bread is a cheap commodity it is often discarded. To address this problem, I developed ‘The Bread Bin’, a service giving unsold baked goods to those in need. Expanding on this idea, I created a concept centred around this waste and investigated how it could be reimagined into a new product. Enter The Brickhouse Brewery and Bar, a micro-brewery, located in Salford. The Brewery takes surplus bread and turns it into beer. As with the bakery, the space is designed with transparency in mind, so customers can view the production process of the products they are about to enjoy.

Course Award Winner