Alexandra Constantinou BA (Hons) Fine Art

Alexandra Constantinou

My practice depicts contemporary erotic encounters, highlighting the equally bizarre and comical nature of modern romance. Busty women and sleazy men are placed within sexual situations in my drawings, paintings and prints, they are on display for us to inspect and scrutinize their every desire. With acts of intimacy being considered more and more as a 'performance', my work exposes these private moments for the theatrical displays they are. As girls fake orgasms and boys insecurely ask 'Was that good baby?' afterwards, the strange formalities of our sexual encounters are presented in my practice through peculiar and often anthropomorphic characters as crude reflections of our erotic selves. From being too touchy in public places, to wishing your partner was way better in bed or looking at something you know you shouldn't be, my work exaggerates these universal situations and illustrates sex in all its ugly and hilarious glory. 

The work displayed on this page is of an adult nature. Discretion is advised.

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