Andreea Maria Mocica BA (Hons) Interior Design

Andreea Maria Mocica

The intrigue of the mind and the honesty of the heart are the foundation of my work, as I believe that, while the two are powerful on their own, the contrasting balance they create together becomes invaluable. Therefore, both my Major Project and Unit X focus on different aspects of therapy in design, thus generating the concept of ‘Elune’.

Final Major Project - The Healing Hideaway

Combining the challenging aspects of the mind, body and soul in a Wellness and Therapy Centre, The Healing Hideaway empowers the protagonist to become the hero of their own story.  Inspired by the industrial history of the host neighbourhood, Ancoats, the brief proposes an introspective journey towards emotional healing.  Based on an ancient meditation technique, it is translated into the physical world through three main spaces: Awareness, Acknowledge and Acceptance, focusing on the body, the mind and the soul. The outcome of the journey, the Transcendence Teahouse, completes the healing cycle as a symbol of reaching one’s happy ending to their story.

UNIT X - Escape Empire

While The Healing Hideaway focuses on emotional healing, Escape Empire, located in a former theatre in Bucharest, Romania, directs its attention towards healing the Inner Child through a playful approach to design.  The concept stems from the building’s history during the communism era, when the children of yesterday/the adults of today were forced to wear a metaphorical mask in society, inhibiting the freedom of movement and speech. The Ground Floor hosts a serene Cocktail Bar, while the Upper Floor a suite of luxurious hotel rooms. Inspired by wooden puzzle boxes, the Therapy Cube becomes the main feature of each room, offering a playful element. Upon interaction, it uncovers a personalised digitally generated scenario along with the therapeutic benefits of ‘Elune’ (light, colour, oxygen and aroma).

Course Award Winner