Morgan Nourse BA (Hons) Interior Design

Morgan Nourse

My interior design style is minimalist: uncomplicated forms, clean lines and simple finishes. I like to take my influences from nature to create spaces that are calming and tranquil, with the idea of helping occupants of the space to connect with their inner-selves. I also translate these ideas into my graphic design style.

Tea break is a space which makes the daily cup of tea a ritualised part of your routine. Approximately 100 million cups of tea are drunk in the UK per day. Despite this stark statistic many people rush this part of their routine. But, the intersection between tea and mindfulness is an important one. This is because it allows the individual to appreciate smaller tasks in life.

Entering Tea break is part of the symbolic process of taking a moment of pause and reflection for yourself. Mindfulness can be achieved through the various functions of the space. The extent of exploration is determined by the customer from 5 minutes quick reflection in the takeaway, practical escapism with ceramics and extended pause on the 1st floor either in tea rooms or upstairs seating. The language of the space reflects the overall aim of tranquility through a minimalist approach.