Anne Hermon BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design

Anne Hermon

Through this difficult and provoking year, I have discovered that it is not the making of physical objects, nor the material processes that I am truly invested in; I have found that I am intrinsically linked to the exploration of human relationships. By conducting research into related fields of study and infusing my practice with a theoretical agenda, I am able to use art as a social practice which should be an altruistic effort, most valuable when it is inclusive, not exclusionary. Creating work which is accessible to everyone and holistic in its approach has the potential to add value and purpose to those who are given the opportunity to engage with such activities.

I have conducted workshops that aim to help individuals realise their self-worth through socially engaged making excersises which reflect their built environments. Curation of participants work has been a cruicial element to this project which has highlighted the importance of presenting peoples art thoughtfully in a gallery setting.