Briony-Rose Murtagh BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Briony-Rose Murtagh

I am a Manchester based artist, textile design and illustrator specialising in Print. I find inspiration by my surroundings, mainly through stories from the media. I enjoy telling a story throughout my work. Both projects of mine show my style of work, with the first project being more illustrative and storytelling and the other being more abstract including mark marking.

The first three prints are from my “Covid Toile Planet” collection.  Using primary research gathered from my time spent in Manchester in the national lockdown during Covid-19, I created a collection of prints for art instillations (posters, billboards around Manchester) by taking my own modern spin on the traditional French Toile de Jouy pattern.  I set out to create a traditional yet modern pattern, by telling stories inspired by living in the city at during Covid-19.  My designs portray the year that has been 2020 including; the challenges of Covid, Black Lives Matter protests, the new everyday accessories of a face mask, Covid-19 testing, Government/Covid-19 signs, homelessness in Manchester, knife crime and drug use within the city and memorial areas and building within Manchester.  Creating an exciting and powerful collection of prints for posters and billboards around the city of Manchester.

The second half of my prints are for Unit X. I was inspired by Japanese graphic design and typography which included looking into traditional magna. Which inspired me further to find a passion for the Risograph printer.Drawing by hand or creating colleges and using photoshop is how I respond to my inspiration this is what creates a versatile range of prints.

Alumni Award Highly Commended