Textiles in Practice allows students to explore the many facets of textile design in an experimental and innovative manner. Students utilise a range of specialist equipment across weave, knit, print, mixed-media and embroidery to visualise concepts and present design solutions for a range of outcomes.

This year’s graduates have engaged with numerous live briefs and industry projects alongside developing their individual creative practice. Broad themes such as personal identity and heritage through to futuristic, biophilic design have been explored in conceptually exciting and materially challenging ways.

The course is not only rich in historical legacy but also address the future of textiles in terms of technology and innovation. In a post lockdown world where engagement with physical materials will be even more important the Textiles in Practice graduates are well equipped to meet these needs.

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Josephine Hinton

Rudhiana Rahman

Sophie Shelley

Phoebe Grace Watson

Jorja Finch

Selina Pearce

Emily Sharp

Poppy Jervis

Bethany Reilly

Becky Hansell

Rachel May

Roselle Smeatham

Lydia Beattie

Esme Greaves

Emily Bagshaw

Elisha Docherty

Charlotte Mcalinden

Grace Browne

Hannah Inglis

Marianne Faran

Lizzie Atthews

Holly Gemmell

Harinder Kooner

Phaedra Dickson

Eleanor Ballinger

Charlotte Clegg

Eleanor Sofia Walker

Maddison Crankshaw

Yasmin Pheasant

Emily Topping

Ell Maund

Nicola May

Gracie Farrell

Matilda Herd

Evie Beales

Sofia Ofori

Ella Bartram

Ellie Samson

Kathryn Webb

Annabel Clegg

Lydia Mary Halsall

Leonie Edmead

Katie Wilson

Laura Pearl

Briony-Rose Murtagh

Emily Wright

Hannah Sallows

Becky Holbach

Amelia Tillott

Lydia Rose Clarke

Amy Sherlock

Eleanor Rowlands

Viraj Shah