Brogan Devlin BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Brogan Devlin

Hello! I am an Irish graphic designer based in Manchester. I have a particular interest in design for social change, motion graphics and publications.

This is my self-initiated publication which focuses on British imperialism within Ireland, how this caused a divided country and what that means today. I wanted to create an educational book for visual learners. After moving to Manchester from Northern Ireland I noticed a lack of understanding from my peers due to the absence of education on this topic.

I used collage as an exploration of my personal Irish Catholic lived experience compared with that of a British Northern Irish experience. I want Britain to take responsibility for the cultural annihilation caused in the quest for the ‘Great’ British Empire.

After graduating I will continue to produce work with activism at its core. I am passionate about using design for a positive impact. I love to challenge myself and break boundaries in the field of social change. My latest work does this through motion design. I would love to show you. Visit my website if you would like to see more!