Graphic Design is a hands-on, ideas-driven programme. Identifying issues or problems to solve, it actively encourages students to develop intellectual curiosity and approach them in an unconventional manner using both print-based & digital solutions. We ask individuals to question boundaries, take risks and consider how one experiences design, producing maverick designers who are conceptual creative thinkers.

This year’s graduates have been extremely resourceful in an extraordinary year. They have explored an array of subject matter and tackled several contemporary issues within society as part of their studies. Under the umbrella of “Brave New Normal” they have showcased the work produced, producing a portfolio website, a series of industry talks with prominent international designers and podcasts discussing the challenges they currently face.

Please visit Brave New Normal to take a look.

Visit Brave New Normal Instagram Podcast

Lauren Bourne

Oscar Ingham

Sophie Thompson

Kulsum Karolia

Lily Brown

Tom Carr

Dionne Pajarillaga

Nada Abaza

Prasanya Giri

Rebecca Dyson

Alison Duncan

Brogan Devlin

Will White

Riley Priest

Callum Smyth

Molly Armitage

Millie Carmel Jobson

Lucy Van Der Gucht

Ellen Sloan

Joe Albin-Clark

Matthew X. Kaufman

Emma Collier

Hannah Goodall

Rachel Lee

Hattie Hopkins