Caitlin Berry BA (Hons) Fine Art and Curating

Caitlin Berry

Typical gallery experiences no longer fit the modern world fighting a global pandemic. This project is all about reimagining the curatorial space: what this means, what makes a space curatorial and how has it shifted in response to Covid 19. Working within the city of Manchester, we are rediscovering how art can be viewed by the general public without the need to ever go indoors, by inviting those from across the city to notice their surroundings in a way they may never have before. We are doing this by distributing a series of seven different QR codes, a technology prevalent in the age of contactless interactions, throughout the city, that leads the viewer to a piece of sound art. This may be through either purposeful discovery from the detailed map upon this online platform or they may stumble upon it by accident, whilst always allow for the viewer to return at their own liking. During this project, the general public will be offered insight into breaking down the physicality of the typical gallery space. As we create a brand-new space for the new world that brings us together through art, we peel back the preconception of who art is for, where it belongs and for what purpose. 

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