Callum Allman BA (Hons) Fine Art

Callum Allman

My artistic practice integrates the context of Electronic dance music culture with the urban aesthetic of industrial environment. From these inspirations, the work exposes  a narrative that attempts to strike a connection between environment, liberation and people.

The transgressive nature of electronic music culture and the environment is reflected through de-constructive collage, mix-media mark-making and abstract lettering. These processes are used cohesively to inform the medium is as much the message as the context. In-turn, the work highlights a synergy between material and context seeking to create positive change into the urban and contemporary art space.

The Intention of my upcoming projects are to create multi-functional designs using text and image that can be translated onto many surfaces such as clothing, canvas and various scales of physical prints creating a fusion between contemporary art, design and the context of Manchester's electronic music community.

The digital work and screen-prints included on my profile are earlier completed artworks that demonstrate the broad use of materials and processes that has pushed my creativity and knowledge as an artist. 

Please contact me in regards to any further information using the links on my page!