Charlie Pettican BA (Hons) Interior Design

Charlie Pettican

‘Ateliers’, is a space that focuses on the creative community in Manchester offering a safe hub for the locals to make and sell their work.

The design enhances the cultural creativity in the city, providing an experience to tourists, as well as everything an artist requires, in one building. On entering the building, new members/locals are greeted at the reception, then led through the space by a neon wayfinding system built within the floor. On the ground floor the sculpture exhibition can be seen surrounded by a scented moat which stops people from touching the products. There is also an exhibition space hosting the canvas artwork, as well as a café, and finally a material shop. On the first floor are the artists’ studios, entered via key card, each offering a smaller working space within the room for laptops/desk etc, shelving, a sink and a large table to work on. A planter is visible from both floors, including the artists’ studios, to augment concentration, relaxation, and health in general.

‘Atremedy’ is a temporary fit-out located within The Hanging Ditch, Manchester. It is a relaxing curation of artworks with a space for the creative community to sell their work, as well as providing the products to strengthen the idea of the locals starting a new hobby. This unique experience offers a better city by contributing a therapeutic experience through the sampling sections. This experience focuses on materials such as terracotta, terrazzo, a raw wood and soft fur seating finish.

My projects consider sustainable materials within each aspect of the design, including recyclable packaging within the shop areas. It magnifies creativity and cultural experiences within Manchester.