Corrinne Roberts BA (Hons) Interior Design


The world is facing a huge global problem due to fast fashion. Cheap clothes are bought and cast aside in rapid succession as trends fluctuate. Major concerns have been rising about pollution from chemical waste to micro plastics. Most garments are often produced in developing countries - leading to potential health risks for those who are involved within the industry.

‘Aest-ethics’ is a sustainable fashion store which offers up-cycling workshops to help reduce the negative environmental and ethical issues correlating to the process of fast fashion.

The main concepts within this store include: second-hand stock, kilo sales (paying by weight), workshops and runway area to showcase work created.

The ground floor aims to welcome all members of the public for a new outlook of shopping. This is the main retail space that portrays the link to nature and sustainability through the use of sustainable materials and neutral tones. Clothes display rails have been inspired by patterns in nature. Curved shapes weave throughout the space to help generate a calm journey.

The first floor is a creative space to learn about the underlying issues of fast fashion. Customers are taught on how to upcycle their old clothes, reducing material waste. Introducing processes such as sewing, embroidery and screen printing.

This project has helped shape my outlook on interior design. It is important to think about the world we live in and how we can work with nature instead of against. As a designer, I hope to continue to design spaces whilst focusing on helping to build a sustainable future; creating spaces that are new and exciting yet pertain to a system that maintains its own viability.