Charlotte Stoker BA (Hons) Fine Art

Charlotte Stoker

My practice is involved with the process of walking, observing the city and composition; organising shape, colour and objects. Drawing in links from psychogeography and the idea of the dérive, I am able to experience the city in new ways. I have been investigating the transformation of the city, from watching locations change day to day whilst revisiting them on mapped walks, or from pulling apart photographs to abstract shapes, objects, and colour; often transforming them without realising.

The result of this transformation often takes the form of 3D structures, in which the viewer can walk around and experience, but also interact with, meaning the work is ever changing much like the city. Through the organising of shape and colour through compositions, the aim of my work is to create an immersive, intimate environment, which is very much the city, but also is not. It is a simplified and transformed representation of the city to me, from information I have gathered through the act of walking and experiencing the city.