Chloe Hinks BA (Hons) Photography

Chloe Hinks

Chloe’s work takes an alternative look into reality and the way in which we capture the world around us. Their work explores themes of image manipulation, pushing the boundaries of what photography really is. Their work is based around looking into the process’ behind image creation and how these can be altered. Their photography interprets there view of the world around them often creating a surrealist effect upon the viewers. Their work offers a distorted view of reality. Their current body of work, surreal solitude investigates the fragility of relationships and how these have become strained throughout the past year. Living through a pandemic it has been difficult to maintain friendships and keep in contact with people when you can feel so disconnected from them. This physical distance has become increasing apparent through the restraints of having to stay 2 meters apart from everyone as well as even being isolated for months away from them. In their work they look at this idea of distance and feeling disconnected from the world as well as your friends and family. This is particularly demonstrated through portraits which have been manipulated. The images and processes have been put under pressure like us causing distress to the images. There is a sense of disconnect captured between the models and the camera, as well as showing the distance and isolation of the model. Within their work the model often feels out of place through the use of a white sheet as a backdrop, this is to represent this disconnect from society and the world around them. Living through several lockdowns it became the usual to only connect with your friends online seeing them through their webcams, only seeing a distorted and limited view of there world. The use of the sheet helps in representing this perspective we saw of them while communicating online.