Chloe Latham BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design

Chloe Latham

In the project Twenty-One, Chloe Latham explored the themes of nostalgia and memory, and how these could further influence her making; creating five handmade books inspired by five especially significant locations from the first twenty-one years of her life. Shown here is one of this collection, Manchester, inspired by her experiences during her studies within the titular city.

A leather and cloth casebound book, taking influences from the active tabletop and role-play gaming scene within Manchester, the primary focus of the piece is that of a games book. Designed with the people who they met while studying in the city in mind, and who made her university experience what it was.

Manchester also comes with the opportunity to transport and use additional gaming paraphernalia, made custom alongside the book such as the dice tray seen here. Handmade pieces, designed to suit a specific need, made with an intention of ensuring the user can own a useful piece that also captures the spirit of the game.

Following her graduation, Chloe intends to further pursue and explore the use of both traditional binding techniques, and contemporary takes on them. Having spent their university experience exploring a wide range of materials and techniques alongside the use of bookbinding, she hopes to allow this range of skills to influence and innovate her craft. Bookbinding is an old craft, and they aim to explore both what the field has to offer and introduce their own unique methods of making.