Daniel Eckhoff BA (Hons) Interior Design

Daniel Eckhoff

As a designer, I feel it is my responsibility to create unique experiences through innovative and collaborative means. My approach to interior and spatial design comes from the innate curiosity I have for the world, which allows me to produce authentic design concepts. I believe that spaces need to allow for communities from all backgrounds to positively interact. 

MultiKulti is a hub for people from all backgrounds to mix and learn from each other. Located in Ancoats, Manchester, it is a hybrid of a community space and an international exhibition space. MultiKulti provides its visitors with a range of activities, to allow for meaningful interactions to happen. The Koko Space offers co-working areas, while the Soko Space exhibits cultures from communities around the world, and encourages conversations around migration, identity, and multiculturalism. 

MultiKulti Trail is an interactive and immersive walking guide through the city of Manchester, showcasing the ethos of MultiKulti by providing spaces for collaborative community engagement. Starting in St. Peter’s Square at the LEARN! Pavilion, the trail passes through a series of checkpoints - PROTEST! in Piccadilly Gardens, CREATE! in Stevenson’s Square, and DISCUSS! in Cutting Room Square - before reaching the end of the trail at MultiKulti, Ancoats. 

MultiKulti will be most recognisable by its unique alphabet, inspired by international maritime signal flags. The made-up language influences physical shapes and patterns used within the building and along the Trail. No matter which city or community occupies the SOKO space, they will share a common language.

// Daniel Eckhoff is a creative British and German designer. Growing up in Tokyo, Japan, has taught him to understand how people from various backgrounds interact with each other, which in turn sparked his interest in designing spaces for people to use. //

  Course Award Highly Commended