Sara Elagili BA (Hons) Interior Design

Sara Elagili

When designing a space there are various factors to be considered, in particular, the current issues within society. Hence, I seek to apply design principles in a form which can improve the quality of life for people especially those with difficult conditions while also giving a consideration to environmental and sustainability issues. 

Mental and physical health problems are growing, especially in adults aged 19-34. This has inspired ‘Heal’, which is a space designed to help tackle such issues in a non-traditional form via Social Prescribing. Located in 110 Oldham Rd Ancoats, Manchester, it is specifically aimed at adults since only 30% of adults living in Ancoats have good health and 57% are of wider determinants of need. 19-34 is known as the ‘exploring’ period where many individuals begin to discover themselves, their future and experiencing issues such as money, career etc. 

The space allows people to address their issues by participating in various activities and workshops such as cooking classes, an art club, book club, gym, cycling and yoga. It also provides access to healthcare professionals and relevant information by hosting lectures, as well as spaces where people can socialise and connect with others who have similar or different issues.  

‘Heal Victoria branch’, located in 42-44 Victoria St, Manchester, has a similar aim. It offers cooking workshops where people can socialise while learning how to cook organic and healthy foods. In addition, safe consultation spaces are available where visitors are able to consult professionals and others about their problems. This space is specifically aimed at students aged 18-24 since Manchester has one of the largest student populations in Europe with three Universities.

Overall, through my designs, I aim to create spaces which help people by providing a sense of peace and connection with others and with the environment.