Dylan Woodall BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Dylan Woodall

My work is a reflection of the subtle and unique narratives we can find in our day-to-day. Through personifying inanimate objects and depicting the relationships we form with nature, I like to create new stories within my practice; often introducing elements which can be open for the viewer to reinterpret.

I am particularly intrigued by the imperfections found when using different printing methods and recently have worked primarily with Risograph printing. I have found that the unpredictable idiosyncrasies which this medium brings can act as a new characteristic within my work. These can come in the form of layer misalignment, grainy textures, or inconsistent colouring, therefore making each print unique.

Each of the pieces I have displayed here use only 3 spot colours. I find that this form of positive restraint is a way for me to negotiate design problems and constantly provide creative solutions whilst offering a level of consistency across a body of work.

I intend to continue exploring print-based work and wish to discover the ways in which my practice could function in large format and operate in a range of different physical and digital realms.

Elephant Award Winner