Illustration with Animation

BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation will be showcasing an outstanding body of work that reflects the diverse nature of the course we deliver and the exciting scope of our individual student voices.

The final year students in 2021 have generated an excellent set of outcomes demonstrating resilience, innovation, and tenacity to overcome the challenges of the past 18 months of study. Alongside traditional practice outcomes, the students have built animation rigs in bedrooms, developed innovative printmaking processes using home studio hacks, and engaged with real-world projects through collaboration and industry mentorship.

The outcomes include picture book proposals, design for packaging and advertising, collaborative community projects, site-specific research, stop-frame animation, design for publication, experimental print, VR narrative exploration, and documentary filmmaking.

The course is built on a firm foundation in observational drawing and the core principles of illustration and animation all underpinned with a research-informed contextual understanding of the subject area. As a programme we believe in pushing the boundaries of the discipline and offering the opportunity to explore through making and workshop practices an expanded vision of where the future direction of these subject specialisms may lie.

We look forward to following these graduates as they develop their careers in the coming years and welcome them all to our alumni network. A selection of the final year students are also exhibiting work on the New Designers digital Graduate Showcase platform from the 30th June to 10th of July.

More about the course

Finlay Sandiford

Ellie Campbell

Jamie Mehta

Cara Blackburne-Brace

Emily Davies

Carly Smith

Lucy Morris

Abbie Shoreman

Jessica Lee

Daisy Jones

R Rhind

Anna Warren

Eilis Dart

Sophie Irvin

Ann-Marie Perez

Kaitlin Tasker

Joe Willis

Ella Dooley

Dylan Woodall

Felix Davidson

Eliza Clark

Sam Mcsweeney

Esme Chapman

Sarah Anthony

Florence Burns

Laura Jane Spencer

Maddie Branagan

Elliot Roberts

Sunny Hawthorn Geffin

Eddie Black

Klaudia Cheikh Khalouf

Ashleigh Blades

William Dobbs

Caitlan Hargreaves

Lily Kroese

Phoebe Fordham

Penny Collier

Maia Turkowska

Jake Cox

Kaplan Kurtaran

Anastazja Olczyk

Bobby Needham

Alfred Mumby Cook

Gabriel Carr

Millie Boucher

Poppy/Carpenter Lockwood

Savion Wilson

Rachel Elizabeth Ward

Sam Wagstaff

Finlay Gaspar

Edie Medley

Emma Kay Smith

Beth Hobbs

Lily Jeal