Edi Kinlocke BA (Hons) Interior Design

Edi Kinlocke

My practice centres around designing for a sustainable future, both socially and environmentally. The impact of my design on the surrounding community and physical environment are my first consideration and often, inspiration.

‘The Youth’ is a co-living project based in St Peter’s church, Ancoats. It is half-residential, and half-public. Inspired by Moroccan arches, warm tones, and open layouts, this project encourages the community to come together and celebrate a sustainable way of living.

For the public, there is a large edible garden, green-house and flexible community space. These spaces are also designed to hold workshops educating people how to grow their own food and live sustainably. Through a detailed rainwater collection system in the garden, water is cycled into the greenhouse for the plants, and the building for use in sanitation. The resident’s area, indicated through a use of levels and materiality change, consists of a kitchen, lounge, studio, and micro-apartments on the first floor. These areas are accessed mainly through a secondary entrance from Blossom St. The amount of private space is smaller than in traditional apartment-living strategically to maximise social contact and strengthen the community.

‘The Youth M3’ is a restaurant and bar designed with similar social and environmental intentions. There is an edible food garden and thermo-controlled growing pods with direct access to the kitchen. Walking to the restaurant, the full impact of the design can be seen from across the river. Emerging from the water are striking polished yellow plaster arches, black framed glass, UV growing pods, and red brick. The Youth M3 stands out through day and night.

Next in my career, I hope to push for environmental accountability and social design within a city-based practise. Net-zero carbon before 2050!­