Edie Medley BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

My practice is founded on observation and my love of drawing underpins everything. My third year projects have been an extension of my dissertation on the importance of reportage illustration as visual journalism. I have continued to refer back to this essay and used my research into illustrators such as Jill Gibbon, Paul Hogarth, Matt Booker and Robert Weaver to inform my practical work this year.

I thoroughly enjoyed researching fishing for my final project; particularly going to Billingsgate Fish Market and Whitstable Harbour to do some reportage drawing. I knew it would be impossible for me to do a project on fishing without acknowledging the problem of overfishing, especially as while I was researching all of this, the Netflix documentary ‘Seaspiracy’ came out displaying the horrors of the fishing industry. However, I knew I wanted to make something positive, something that would inform people that there is a way of fishing without destroying the oceans. After researching the subject in more depth, I found a company called SoleShare, a ‘community supported fishery’, which aims to build relationships between local fisherman, consumers and the sea. I decided to create an informational booklet for this company, including information on the sustainable fishing methods they use, the types of fish they catch and how their fish gets from ocean to plate etc.